Solar module mounting parts

If solar power plants installed on a roof or a plot of land used to be a rather rare sight, today the situation has changed considerably. High energy prices and the desire to live more sustainably are the main reasons why the number of solar power plants in Lithuania has increased.

In order for the solar power plant to live up to expectations, it is necessary to pay attention to even the smallest structural detail during its design and installation. Clamps, wind boards, rails and other parts of solar module systems are elements that must be of high quality, properly selected and responsibly installed.

Solar module parts, used for fixing solar modules to the roof or ground, are some of the products offered by UAB “Metalo kaprizas”.

What to pay attention to when choosing solar module mounting parts?

Solar power plants can be installed on the ground or on the roof or facade of a building. Another solution rapidly gaining in popularity is the installation of solar modules on carports. Experts in the field can help you decide which option – ground-based solar power plant or roof-based solar modules – is more effective in your case. The options, of course, are often “dictated” by the existing conditions, such as the suitability of the roof for the mounting of a power plant or the availability of a plot of land.

The solar power plant parts required for the installation of the modules differ depending on whether the plant will be mounted on the roof or on the ground. After choosing to install the modules on the roof, it is important to determine what kind of roof structure it is? One type of solar module mounting parts are used for sloping roofs and a different kind are used for flat roofs.

It should be noted that the wind boards, rails and other parts of the installation of solar power plants are made of certified, high-quality, durable and safe materials.

The production of solar module mounting parts is crucial for the successful implementation of a solar power plant project. “Metalo kaprizas” offers mounting parts manufactured in compliance with the strictest quality requirements, and our specialists are always ready to share professional advice on choosing the right components.

Saulės modulių montavimo daalys

What determines the price of solar module mounting parts?

Solar module mounting parts (clampers, wind boards, rails, etc.) make up a relatively small final cost of a solar power plant project. While choosing carefully among the offers available on the market can save you a lot of money, it is important to focus not on the lowest price, but on the quality of the products.

The cost of solar module mounting parts depends on the individual needs of the client (i.e. on the number of modules planned to be built). It also depends (if installed on the roof) on the type of roof, covering, and color of the structure. Of course, the price is also determined by the quality of the raw materials used for the production of mounting parts. It is always best to invest in a durable, long-lasting product that meets strictly regulated quality requirements.

When ordering raw materials (aluminum, stainless steel, galvanised steel) used in the production process, we deal directly with suppliers. For this reason, the solar module mounting elements we offer are valued not only for their high quality, but also for their attractive price on the market.

Saulės modulių montavimo daalys

Why are the solar module parts offered by “Metalo kaprizas” a choice worthy of your attention?

We offer solar mounting parts suitable for both ground-based solar installations (i.e. mounting solar modules on carports) and roof-based installations. The raw materials of our products (aluminum, stainless steel, galvanised steel) are characterised by effective technical parameters (longevity, resistance to adverse environmental factors), and are safe for the environment. Our products also meets strict international quality standards (ISO 9001).

When providing services, we focus on fulfilling the individual needs of each client. We can make solar module mounting parts according to designs provided by the client or offer a project prepared by our specialists. We offer not only manufacturing and trading services for aluminum and stainless steel products, but also transportation and storage of ready-made orders.

We store a large amount of the products on site, so orders are completed very quickly – in just 5 working days.

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients high quality products at an attractive price and a quick delivery. We are also happy to contribute to the creation of a cleaner environment with our services.